How to take and prepare for the CSM exam

Certified Scrum Masters Group -

  1. Participate in a 2 days course that are being offered near you, which gives you access to take the Scrum Alliance CSM - Certified Scrum Master exam. 

  2. Log into your Scrum Alliance account, using the credentials received after you concluded your course.

  3. Start the exam. The 2 days course will bring you enough basis knowledge to be able to take the exam and if you've already tried a little Scrum or have read about it earlier, then of course the exam will be easier and quicker for you to pass. You have as much time as you wish for to take the exam, so if you need to read up about a given subject to answer a given question, then you can stop the test and return to it later on.

    If you are in doubt about an answer, then send the question to us by submitting a request and our team will quickly (within 1-2 days) add an article that teaches you the right knowledge, thus facilitating you to be able to answer your question without a doubt. We will of course mail you back with the link for the article, but please note that we won't answer the question for you, just teach you the needed knowledge to facilitate you to answer it yourself. 

    You can find many examples of test questions here, which you can learn from and train so that you can answer similar questions. Please note that they are not exactly the same as the questions for your exam, but they are written in the same format as you will experience during the exam, thus making it easier for you to mentally prepare for both the structure and for how the questions are formulated. You will also learn a lot of Scrum knowledge which you will be asked about during your exam: 


New candidates taking the exam will have to pass the 35-question exam with a score of 24 or higher. Access to the exam, along with a two-year membership in Scrum Alliance, is included as part of any approved CSM course offering. 

Candidates will have two chances to pass the exam within a 90-day period following their CSM course to become certified. More attempts will cost $25 paid by the candidate. Prizes and conditions may vary over time so please check for the newest updates at the Scrum Alliance homepage

This site is still under construction, but soon there will be added many more test questions examples. You are also welcome to submit a request if you have another Scrum or agile methodologies question, which you would like to get answered: Submit a request

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