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This is an entirely free site where you can ask us questions about Scrum, Kanban or any other question in relation to working agilely.

We're a group of Certified Scrum Masters with more than collectedly 30 years of experience in the Agile methods and paradigms. In our daily lives we're Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Project Managers working agilely or Developers working in Scrum/Kanban teams and we've created this site because we like to spar with likeminded and broaden the usage of agile methodologies.

If you have any questions or experience any challenges while working agilely, please submit a request and we will try to help you as quickly as we can and for free. 

You will also find examples on free exam test questions to better prepare for your own CSM - Certified Scrum Master exam. It is not the exact same questions as the ones you will get to your exam, but they will prepare you for most of the topics you'll get during your exam. By studying these example questions you'll significantly raise your chance of passing the exam quickly and with ease.

This site is still under construction but will get more and more articles and examples of exam test questions every day, so please stay tuned and let us know which topics would be interesting for you? You can write it in comments below or Submit a request.


Becoming a member of the Certified Scrum Masters Group?

Everyone can become a member of the Certified Scrum Masters Group if you can provide proff of obtained certificate and are working agilely in your everyday worklife. You'll get the opportunity to network with likeminded professionals and spar on all aspects of the agile framework. Interested? Want to hear more? Please contact us by submitting a request here: Submit a request


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