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Please contact us if you're interested in joining our team, to spar with likeminded and maybe help others to become certified Scrum Masters. You will also get many other benefits, like the opportunity to showcase your agile knowledge through published articles and will be invited for virtual events and meet-ups. Please contact us by submitting a request: Submit a request


Presenting the Siteowner and founder of the Certified Scrum Masters Group:

Mai Madelung, Scrum Master and Agile coach

My name’s Mai Madelung and I'm passionate about being a professional and skilled Scrum Master. I have 7 years of experience as a Scrum Master, where I've also been coaching team members and collaborators on how to work agilely and overcome any obstacles on the path to adapt to the agile framework. I've had the good fortune of working agilely the past 10 years both using Scrum, Kanban, Pair Programming, Lean, Kaizen and other agile techniques. In total I have 26 years of IT experience in various roles as Scrum Master, IT Project Manager and C#/.Net Senior Developer. I'm both PSM certified from Scrum.org (2017) and CSM certified from Scrum Alliance. I'm also ITIL Foundation certified.

Personally I much prefer to use the Scrum or Kanban framework in my daily worklife. From time-to-time I do however encounter projects or situations where the agile approach is not the best choice, based on the type of issue or the customers preferances. Therefore the real trick to becoming successful in all types of projects is to know a lot of techniques and development methods, and to select the best approach most appropriate in the given situation. To do this reliably with a high degree of success requires a lot of experience and skill!

Agile development is for me a very exciting and motivating approach to achieve fast results with the highest business value possible and that's also what I hear my teams expresses. The close collaboration and full visibility can provide a much richer and more rewarding experience for teams to deliver great results together. And when people enjoy their work, it’s amazing what they can achieve! Being a Scrum Master for an agile team is a personally rewarding and also very humbling experience, because you get to be part of this unique team of amazing people. 

As a person I am outgoing, friendly and a teamplayer to the core. I'm result oriented with a strong focus on throughput. I’m very proactive and takes responsibility for a professional handling of all tasks, whether they involve people, processes, documentation or a large variety of IT systems and tools. I easily handle many ongoing assignments in a challenging position and organisation, boosted by my love of knowledge sharing and close collaboration with skilled and professional colleagues. I’m good at driving assignments to success and prefer to deliver outstanding service. I enjoy complex challenges and thrive on simplifying them and handling them, using my strong analytical and problem solving skills. I’ve also excellent communication, coordination and networking skills.

I’m strong of method, works agilely and innovative; uses best practices and delivers high quality - also under timepressure.  

Here's a link to my LinkedIn profile: https://dk.linkedin.com/in/maimadelung

You're welcome to invite me on LinkedIn for easy collaboration and knowledge sharing or submit a request if you want to get in contact with me or the rest of our team.


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