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This YouTube is one of the best available videos describing Scrum in almost all of it's aspects. This crash course has received very good critics like:

James C.
This video explains way better than my college instructor, which cost 4k for whole semester
This is one of the most comprehensive, concise and crisp crash course videos online! Thanks!
Karunakaran Palanisamy
Everything is explained in a simple way. Excellent presentation. Thanks a lot.

The video takes approx. 1:30 hour and the time is very well spent. You can find below chapters at the registered intervals. If you want to re-visit a specific chapter, then just click at the time tables below:
22:19 Agile vs Waterfall
23:28 Scrum Iteration
24:08 Scrum Ceremonies
26:48 Scrum Team
28:40 Scrum Ceremonies
29:50 Key Artifacts
36:52 Clean the house (User stories)
1:01:12 Capacity Allocation
1:12:45 Sprint Retrospective
1:19:45 Cadence
1:20:52 Burn-down Chart
1:23:27 Burn-up Chart
1:24:47 Feature Progress Report
1:29:28 Story time estimation
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